‘Flamenco’, Intangible Cultural Heritage

This article was published on 27/10/2016 at 20:00

‘Flamenco’ was included by UNESCO on the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Let yourself fall in love with this artistic expression of international fame with Julia Travel.

UNESCO’s recognition reinforces the importance of this popular dance result of a mix of singing, dancing and musical accompaniment considered one of the most beautiful shows in the world for many people. Flamenco has overstepped its borders until becoming one of the most valued folkloric representations in the world, unable to disappoint anyone.

We find the cradle of flamenco in southern Spain, in Andalusia, where this dance is more than a performance and some people live it as a lifestyle. If you want to enjoy the most authentic flamenco do not hesitate to visit this region.

Julia Travel gives you the chance of enjoying flamenco in Granada and Sevilla with day tours like “Flamenco Show in Granada”, which includes the entry ticket and a typical Granadian dinner.

Flamenco has its roots in Andalusia, but you can also enjoy genuine shows in many other Spanish cities. For example, in Madrid, Julia Travel offers shows in ‘tablaos’ such as Cafe de Chinitas, Casa Patas or Corral de la Moreria; or in Barcelona, in the well-known Tablao Cordobes.

Enjoy a fusion of art and gastronomy and do not let yourself miss the chance of becoming part of one of the most sensitive shows in a unique atmosphere.