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What to do in Madrid : 3 days itinerary
Explore the best of Madrid in 3 days with our exciting itinerary, from the Royal Palace's elegance to the charm of historic neighborhoods.
Caminito del Rey: 5 tips on planning your visit (2023)
Visiting the Caminito del Rey is an exciting experience. However, we know that planning the itinerary could be a bit […]
Halloween day at PortAventura
A day trip from Barcelona as terrifying as funny. The vertiginous attractions of PortAventura World have made this park one […]
Lisbon and the tile culture
The tiles are an important part of the Portuguese culture. If you visit Lisbon you will see these pieces decorating […]
The golden triangle of art in Madrid
Are you visiting Madrid and you are an art lover? You cannot miss the Golden Triangle, a set of the […]
The legacy of Dalí in Figueres
Salvador Dalí, one of the most controversial and admired Spanish painters in the entire world, was born in Figueres in […]
Ávila, much more than its wall
Ávila is one of the cities with the greatest historical and monumental wealth in Spain. It is a medieval city […]
Córdoba, art and culture
Córdoba, World Heritage Site. And not only because of the Mosque-Cathedral, but also because of all the ensemble. In 1994 […]
Tangier, on the other side of the Strait
Tangier, entrance to the African continent through the Strait of Gibraltar and since a few years ago in the process […]