Free Walking Tour in Madrid


Old Town

The best way to discover a city is wandering down its streets. In this three hours walking tour we will walk around the oldest part of Madrid and discover its fascinating history.

Hear all about the evolution of the city since its inception as a Moorish military fortress until it became the capital of an empire, furthermore learn about the complicated but fascinating nineteenth and twentieth century. All this has made Madrid one of the most interesting cities in the world.

Remember that Madrid has been untouched for centuries, and some areas will give you an almost ancient feel. We’ll walk and learn about its rich history while enjoying some of the most iconic buildings, plazas and streets.


Plaza Mayor (next to the equestrian statue of King Philip III). A Guide with a blue umbrella will be waiting for you

What you will see in this Free Walking Tour?

Plaza Mayor

Puerta cerrada

Oldest restaurant

in the world


Basílica de San


Moorish Wall

San Miguel Market

Royal Palace

Plaza de la Villa

Monasterio de

corpus Christi

Plaza de Pontejos. El guía estará esperando junto a la fuente con el paraguas azul

Duration: 2 hours

Pets are allowed

Accesible tour

Monday, Thusday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 11:00 a.m.


How early do I have to arrive at the meeting point?

To facilitate the organization of the groups, we ask you to be at the meeting point 10 minutes before the starting time.

How does a Free Tour work?

Free tours are free access, which means you set the price according to your satisfaction.