Lisbon and the tile culture

This article was published on 29/01/2019 at 8:00

The tiles are an important part of the Portuguese culture. If you visit Lisbon you will see these pieces decorating palaces, facades and even train stations. Many of them are part of mosaics that narrate a story and create wonderful artworks.

Such is the importance of the tiles in this city that there is a museum dedicated to them: Museo Nacional do Azulejo do Lisboa, where both old – from the XVI century –and contemporary models are exhibited. There are pieces of different styles and colours. If you want to go further, in this museum you can see the process of preparation and restoration of these pieces.

But it is not necessary to go to a museum to see tiles in Lisbon. The streets of the Alfama neighbourhood are popular for the decoration of the houses’s facades. If you go up the miradouro of Santa Luzia – which is in this same neighbourhood – as well as striking views of the city, you can see the white and blue tiles that are part of its decoration.

Even train stations like the Oriente one have artworks made out of tiles.

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