Segovia, much more than an aqueduct

This article was published on 24/02/2016 at 8:00

The Romans gave it the landmark that makes this city now and forever memorable: the Aqueduct. And it’s to be expected. It’s an astonishing work of engineering that’s almost 30 metres high and features 163 arches. Most amazing of all is that its stone blocks fit together perfectly, with no mortar at all.

Segovia is also worth visiting to take in its medieval splendour, heritage of both its livestock and textile wealth.

Visiting the city can provide endless cultural satisfaction thanks to its medieval buildings like the Casa de los Picos, the Torreón de los Lozoya and the Alhóndiga. And let’s not forget the old Jewish quarter, the Barrio de los Caballeros, the Cathedral, etc.

Segovia is a hardy Castilian city, old and classic, traditional, that offers history and good cuisine. Regaining your strength after a lengthy cultural visit is obligatory: stews, game, roasted piglet and lamb are all must-try dishes. If you visit the city in winter, the wood-fired ovens will make for a cosy stay and keep the bitter cold at bay.

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