Tangier, on the other side of the Strait

This article was published on 31/07/2018 at 8:00

Tangier, entrance to the African continent through the Strait of Gibraltar and since a few years ago in the process of transformation. City where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean Sea. If you visit Tangier these are some places you must visit:

The medina is the traditional quarter of Tangier. Despite the European influence it has not lost its charm. In the medina we can find the souk, the epicentre of the city. Although traditionally it is a market where you can find the most typical products, the souk is more than this, it is the place where the modern city meets the old city.

Another essential place to visit in the city of Tangier is the Kasbah, the old fortress. There, you can find the Sultanate Palace, Dar-el-Makhzen, from where you can enjoy fantastic views to the bay. Nowadays this palace is used by the Museum of Moroccan Arts of the city.

Eventually, if you visit this city, you cannot miss the Caves of Hercules, grottoes formed due to wind and water erosion. They are seventeen kilometres from the city. A place worth the visit if you want to see the place where Hercules slept according to the legend after separating Europe from Africa. An incredible wonder of the natural world.

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